Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wreck it! Teague Drop Kicks the Old Couch

From death springs new life. We had to destroy the old couch before I could move on to new ones.

Check out Teague's drop kick action.

Home Improvement

This is how my living room looked 3 years ago...

It is after a silver factory party. That's why there's tinfoil over everything.

I've been remodeling a lot lately. Here is my new living room.

Stinky Ladies

The next thing you get to see on a boat ride is the Stinky Ladies. They are sea lions, and they smell really bad.

Castle Boat

Here's another neat anchor out that visited us for a little while last summer. Some hippies live here.

This boat has floated all the way out to the Farallon Islands and back. That's rough waters. Not even real boats survive the rocks and waves out there.

Pyramid house and Anchor Outs

On the left is the pyramid house. Hard to see here but it's pretty neat looking.

It's an "anchor out" boat and there is another one to the right.
Anchor out boats are anchored down in the bay beyond the docks.

We call the people who live there "anchor outs" too. They don't have a berth, so don't pay any rent to anybody. They have to take a little row boat to shore to get their groceries or whatever.

Sorry, no new anchor outs are allowed.



This is my neighbor claus. He's the harbormaster and helps with EVERYTHING around here. He's got a skiff - a little motorboat, so sometimes on a nice day he'll take you for a boatride.


I have a trapeze

I forgot to tell you I have a trapeze. It hangs from the ceiling and you can tell if the boat is moving by looking at it to see if it's swinging.

When I moved in I saw this thing way back in a high shelf in the closet. I thought it was an anchor or something boaty. But when I was cleaning and pulled it out, I was like, "Wooooah!!!!! Coool a trapeze!" The last person who lived here was an acrobat and must have left it behind.

We put it up to play with. It's very strong.

The Hookah Lounge

Back inside, upstairs on one loft used to be a little hookah lounge. It was all red shag with shaggy red lamps growing out of the ground. Other-planetary-y.

ROund Bed

This round bed used to spin now it's just the box springs as an easy couch on the living room floor.

Shaggier houseboat

Upstairs Downstairs TV

This entertainment center hangs from a rope and you can pull it up and down on a pulley -- lift it up to the loft or send it down to the ground.

Yay! Inside my house.


The water is heated by propane, and the stove uses it. I get a couple tanks refilled every month or so.

How does it work?

We have electricity and the lines run from the houses down the docks. In the winter they sometimes go underwater if the tide gets really really high. And there's a sewer pipe that runs from the house down the dock, so you can't really take the boats out very easily, without disconnecting them.

Little float porch

My porch also floats on styrofoam. It's called a "float." I'll find a better picture of it. There's also a nice walkway around the house.

Willy's Old Boat

This is it, ohm swet ohm.

Views of the neighborhood, from my roof


Welcome to Gate 6. Come in and have a look. Mmm, never mind. No tresspassing!